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Glaziers Luton

Through the operation of our fast replacement glass service, our company aims to provide you a same day service for single glazed glass. After arriving the broken pane of glass is measured to determine the dimensions and glass specification. This is followed with the fitting of a new piece of the required glass at a British Standard quality within the relevant timeframe.

Some types of glass do have a longer timeframe involved than a single day service (double glazed units and patterned door panels are two examples.) These need to be ordered in and will be fitted at a suitable time after it is confirmed to be ready.

Our company is capable of replacing glass with a wide variance in specification, dimension and altitude the window will be situated; windows usually require fitting from the outside so we utilise equipment such as ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers to help ensure a high-quality and secure fitting.

Example of our work

Sash windows can suffer numerous problems. Apart from broken glass or frame damage the sash window can come out of alignment or suffer damage to the cords. Not wanting to leave the window unsecure, our glaziers will attend at a suitable time to re-align or rehang the window or replace any damaged sash cords.

What We Can Do As A Company

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